The Process of Learning How To Play The Guitar

Learning how to play the guitar is not as difficult as many people think. In the beginning it is more about getting your fingers to learn new things that they have never done before, plus toughening them upon the ends so that they can stand the pressure of the metal strings.

Your fingers will develop calluses so that eventually you will notice any difficulty as you play the chords. Once you have learned some basic chords and your fingers are in shape, you are on your way to a very popular and enjoyable pastime.

You can pick up a guitar for a fair price of between $100 and $200 for starters, and a guitar chord book so that you can learn the finger positions for chords. Since most people are right-handed, you will finger the chords on the guitar keyboard with your left hand while you strum the chords with your right hand, holding a plastic guitar pick between your thumb and forefinger.

All songs have a chord pattern as the song plays, and that is why you will learn chords in the beginning. For example, many songs have the chord pattern of C, Am, F and G chords. When you learn these four chords, you will be amazed at the number of songs that have these 4 chords. When you listen to a song, you will see when to change the chords as your hear the song.

As a person learns how songs sound in relation to the chord patterns, he or she will get the “hang of it” as far as rhythms and where the chords fit in. There are many songbooks that will give the required chords noted at the top of the words so that the guitar player will know when to change. In this way they can hear the song and play the chords, changing the chord at the appropriate time.

It will not be long until songs that the person hears will bring up in his or her mind what chords are fitting to that song.

Eventually, other chord patterns are learned such as G, Em, Am and D; F, Dm, B Flat, C7 and others as they fit the songs. It will not be long until the player will be able to hear a song, and immediately be able to fit the chords to the song, and then he or she is on their way to a lifetime adventure of satisfaction and enjoyable times of guitar playing.